4 Reasons Regular Teeth Cleanings Are So Important

Regular teeth cleanings are absolutely essential to your oral health. If you neglect to get a regular six-month teeth cleaning, you could be at risk of developing a wide variety of oral health issues.

Dr. Joel Darrah of Buckwalter Dental Care is the best Bluffton preventive dentist, and always emphasizes the importance of regular teeth cleanings and oral exams.

In this post, we’ll look at a few of the top reasons that six-month teeth cleanings and hygiene appointments are so important.

1. Teeth Cleanings Remove Plaque And Tartar That You Can’t Remove Yourself

No matter how thoroughly you brush, floss, and gargle, an oral hygiene appointment will always remove more plaque and tartar than you can remove on your own.

This is because our Bluffton dentist, Dr. Darrah, uses powerful dental tools and brushes to remove plaque and bacteria. In addition, our team of oral hygienists will scrape away tartar in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. This reduces your chance of issues like gingivitis, gum disease, and periodontitis.

2. You Can Prevent Serious Oral Health Issues From Progressing

This is another reason that teeth cleanings are so important to your overall health. Often, if we catch oral health problems such as tooth decay and cavities early, we can take appropriate steps to treat them.

This can help you avoid getting dental fillings in Bluffton. If we are able to identify a cavity before it penetrates too deeply into the enamel, we can use fluoride treatments and dental sealants to treat it.

This is also true of periodontal disease. If you have swollen or red gums, and a mild case of gingivitis, we can clean your teeth and gums. This helps prevent gingivitis from progressing into a more serious case of periodontal disease.

3. You Save Money By Investing In Your Oral Health

A six-month dental cleaning usually doesn’t cost more than about $100, and is covered by common dental plans. By getting regular preventive treatment, you can avoid fillings, dental crowns, and other expensive procedures.

In the long run, this saves you quite a bit of money and time in the dentist’s chair.

4. Teeth Cleanings Can Help Prevent Oral Cancer

Teeth cleanings and oral exams at our Bluffton dentist are one of the first lines of defense in the fight against oral cancer. Oral cancer is often very hard to detect until it’s too late. But Dr. Joel Darrah can perform an oral exam that includes an oral cancer screening. If any abnormalities are found, you will be informed, and referred to a specialist.

This is especially important if you are (or have been) a heavy smoker, a drinker of alcohol, or are over the age of 40.

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