Is It Safe To See The Dentist During COVID-19? Yes! Come In Today!

If you need to see a dentist in Bluffton for routine dental care, you may not be sure if it’s safe to visit Dr. Joel Darrah during the COVID-19 outbreak. The answer is “yes,” and in this blog from Buckwalter Dental Care, we’ll discuss a few of the steps we’re taking to make sure that you and your family can get the care you need in a safe, clean, virus-free environment. 

Social Distancing & Patient Check-Ins At Our Office

First, we’ve reconfigured our waiting area to provide more distance between patients before each appointment. We have also taken steps to change how we’re scheduling patients to minimize the number of people in our office at once.

In addition to this, we’ll need you to fill out some questions about recent travel, potential COVID-19 exposure, and other symptoms before your appointment. You will also be asked to wear a face covering to your appointment and to come alone to Buckwalter Dental Care unless you’re supervising a child or you require assistance getting into and out of our office.

Infection Control Training

At our office, all of our team members are fully trained in infection control procedures. We have taken steps to implement rigorous handwashing procedures, are practicing good respiratory hygiene, and are ensuring proper disposal and reprocessing of used PPE to ensure that we minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. 

PPE For All Staff 

All of our front office team members are now wearing masks for your protection, and our dental team members are also wearing additional PPE for some appointments. Depending on the type of procedure, Dr. Joel Darrah and our team members may wear masks, eye protection, face shield, and even gowns, caps, and shoe coverings. 

Our team members may look a bit different, but we’ll still be providing you with the same level of expert dental care in Bluffton, and our additional PPE will protect you and our team members from infections of all kinds! 

Enhanced Office Cleaning & Sanitizing Procedures

We have always followed all relevant precautions required by OSHA, the CDC, the ADA, and state regulators for cleaning and disinfecting patient operatories between patients, including discarding and sanitizing used dental tools, wiping down surfaces, and using protective barriers for hard-to-clean surfaces. But now, we are taking even more precautions between patients, and redoubling our efforts to provide you with a safe, clean, and sanitary environment during your appointment.

In addition to this, we are also wiping down and cleaning commonly-touched surfaces such as countertops, chairs, tables, doorknobs, and bathrooms in our office to eliminate viruses and bacteria. This gives you additional peace of mind at Buckwalter Dental Care!

Get The Preventive Care You Need In Bluffton From Buckwalter Dental Care! 

At Buckwalter Dental Care, Dr. Darrah and the rest of our team are taking COVID-19 very seriously, and we are doing everything we can to keep you and your family safe while you get the dental care you need for a healthy mouth. So don’t wait. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment or have more questions about our COVID-19 precautions, contact us online or give us a call at (843) 815-3232.

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