Sensitivity After A Root Canal: What's Normal?

Getting a root canal is a common reason to see your Bluffton dentist. While the procedure itself will not hurt thanks to the anesthesia, it is possible to experience a bit of discomfort once the effects wear off.

If you are experiencing a bit of sensitivity after getting a root canal, you should know that it's completely normal. To find out how much it may take for the symptoms to disappear, and when it may be time to see a dentist, check out our short blog post below.

Why Your Tooth May Be Sensitive after a Root Canal

A root canal involves removing all the infected tissue from the inside of the tooth. The dentist will essentially clean out the tooth’s pulp and even make their way down to the root of your tooth. Though the pulp is removed, the tooth still has many other nerves and sensitive tissues that can become a bit irritated and swollen after a root canal procedure.

Again, this is completely normal. Most patients experience a bit of pain, swelling, and sensitivity right after a root canal. In many cases, these symptoms are very easy to manage with over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications.

These symptoms usually only last for about 1-2 days and are relatively minor. It’s normal to be a bit anxious after getting a root canal and wonder whether you may be experiencing complications, but such complications are very rare.

What Happens If the Sensitivity Persists?

If all you experience is minor to mild sensitivity to heat and cold, don’t worry. Your tooth most likely needs a bit more time to heal.

However, if the sensation persists for more than a few days, and you begin to notice the symptoms are getting worse, it may be time to see a dentist again.

There are several reasons why this could happen. The most likely explanation is that the initial infection was not completely removed during the root canal procedure. In this case, the infection essentially continues to affect your oral health, leading to the same symptoms you’ve experienced before:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Heightened sensitivity, etc. 

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should see a dentist as soon as possible. If the tooth was not properly cleaned for all infected tissue, the infection can continue to grow and eventually put you at risk for permanent tooth loss.

Don’t Ignore Your Pain. Reach out to Buckwalter Dental Care Today

If you’re experiencing prolonged sensitivity after a root canal or other complications, Dr. Joel Darrah, DDS is here to help you. Don’t wait, as it will not likely go away on its own.

You will need to stop by for a visit and get your tooth properly inspected to access the right treatment plan.

To get started, you can book an appointment at Buckwalter Dental Care online, or call our practice at (843) 815-3232 for more information.

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