Sinus Problems After Root Canal Therapy

If you’ve recently had a root canal performed on one of your upper teeth and you’re noticing pressure or discomfort, there’s a chance you may be experiencing some minor sinus issues. Is this something that should concern you? Does it indicate a deeper problem, or an improperly-performed root canal? The team at Buckwalter Dental Care wants to keep you well-informed about possible root canal issues:

Minor Sinus Problems Are Common After A Root Canal

Some minor sinus issues are common after a root canal. When the pulp from your tooth is removed during the procedure and your tooth roots are cleaned, your dentist will be very close to your sinus lining, and may open a “sinus communication”.

A sinus communication is a very tiny hole in the sinus lining. Because the lining of your sinuses is very thin and delicate, even a small amount of pressure during a root canal could result in a rupture. Minor sinus issues like a sinus communication will heal on their own and your sinus lining will recover without any other adverse side effects.

Signs of a Minor Sinus Communication

The most common signs of a minor sinus communication include:

  • Feeling fluid go into the nose when drinking
  • Feeling air rush across the socket of your tooth when breathing
  • Congestion and sinus pressure
  • A runny nose or post-nasal drip

Typically, you will recover completely from a minor sinus issue like this within a few days, without any intervention from your dentist.

Know When To See A Dentist for a Follow-Up

While some sinus issues are common after root canals, you should be aware of some more serious complications and symptoms that may indicate a further problem. If you have had an incorrectly-performed root canal, these are a few signs you should follow-up with a dentist:

  • You are experiencing sinus issues that have worsened, or have not gone away after 2-4 days after your root canal
  • You believe you may be developing sinusitis (a sinus infection)
  • You feel serious and significant pain and discomfort around your sinus lining and the treated tooth
  • There is a metallic or “musty” taste in your mouth, nose, or throat
  • You notice any kind of bleeding or pus in your nose or mucus

These are signs that you have a larger hole in your sinus, which may require sutures and surgical intervention to heal properly. These symptoms could also indicate that your dentist did not perform root canal therapy properly, and that the tooth could still be infected.

If you notice these symptoms, come see Dr. Darrah of Buckwalter Dental Care to get a second opinion and make sure your mouth and nose are healthy.

Minimally-Invasive Root Canals – Avoid Sinus Issues After Your Treatment!

At Buckwalter Dental Care, Dr. Darrah is an experienced endodontist and he has been performing safe, gentle root canals for years. With the latest tools and technology and a gentle approach, Dr. Darrah minimizes the risk of sinus complications, even in the trickiest root canal treatments.

If you need a root canal or you suspect sinus issues after a treatment, contact us now at (843) 815-3232, or drop by our office at 31 Innovation Dr, #2, Bluffton, South Carolina 29910 to schedule an appointment.

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