The Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Should you be looking for a family dentist in Bluffton? Or could a general dentist help you and the rest of your family members keep their oral health in check?

While a general dentist can also see the entire family, there are some unique benefits to seeing a family dentist.

Here are 5 perks of having a family dentist in Bluffton: 

1. More Convenience

Having a family dentist who can see all members of the family, no matter their age, is much more convenient. You can get everyone’s oral health checked in just one car ride.

Simply reach out to the family dentist, and book some consultations for everyone on the same day. Your family dentist can also send you quick reminders your family is due for their preventative cleaning to save you time.

2. Personalized Care for the Entire Family

A family dentist can become much more familiar with your entire family’s dental history, and use this essential information to determine more effective treatment plans or even preventative measures.

For instance, if the dentist notices the parents are prone to cavities, they may recommend some better oral hygiene tips for the family or more frequent fluoride treatments to protect your teeth.

3. Be More Comfortable with Your Dentist

Having open communication with your dentist is crucial, but many patients can feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking to their providers openly.

Family dentists usually become much closer with their patients and can foster open communication with them, especially kids and teens. You can feel more comfortable asking your questions, figuring out your options, and even taking a more active role in your oral health.

4. Get Better Patient Education

Apart from the quality dental work you get in-office, family dentists also provide their patients with essential tips and tricks on how to improve their oral health at home.

These tips are meant to help the entire family protect their smiles and may be much more effective coming from a family dentist who has a good overview of your dental family history.

5. Have Someone to Turn To in a Dental Emergency

Your family dentist can also provide help in those moments when you need it most. Be it a knocked-out tooth, oral bleeding, or a tooth infection, you can reach out to your family dentist for immediate help.

And since you’re close to them, you’re more likely to ask for help, rather than ignore your symptoms. 

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