What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix?

Not all of us are so lucky to have been born with a natural Hollywood-perfect smile. In most cases, we need a little help to improve the appearance of our teeth and get a brilliant smile. Whether it's because of genetics, our lifestyle habits, or an accident, some of us will turn to cosmetic dentistry in Bluffton to fix and enhance our grins. 

But what is cosmetic dentistry exactly, and what can it help you fix? 

Let's find out! 

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry? 

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental treatments meant to improve the appearance of your smile. It can be used to correct and enhance the appearance of your teeth, gums, or even your bite. 

In most cases, cosmetic dentistry is elective, meaning there is no real medical need for the treatment. However, there are cases when you need cosmetic dentistry to improve your oral health, such as in the case of a severe chip.  

What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix? 

As we said, this branch of dentistry can help you correct a wide variety of cosmetic issues, such as: 

  • Stained Teeth 

Our routine and lifestyle have a bigger impact on our oral health than you may think. If you smoke, drink coffee and red wine, and consume dark-colored foods and beverages, then it's more likely that your teeth will get stained and discolored. Luckily, enamel staining is not permanent and can be reversed with the help of professional dental cleanings and teeth whitening. 

If the staining is too severe and whitening is not effective, then you can opt for veneers to make your smile look brighter. 

  • Chipped Teeth 

As long as your tooth is healthy and doesn't have any structural damage, then cosmetic dentistry can easily help you fix a chipped tooth. 

Your Bluffton dentist will recommend dental bonding, veneers, or a dental crown, depending on the size and severity of the chip. 

In the case of veneers, the dentist will also have to remove a bit of your enamel to bond the shells to the surface of your teeth. This procedure is permanent and you will always have to wear veneers to cover and protect your teeth. 

  • Gapped Teeth 

Do you have a noticeable gap between your teeth and are unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Cosmetic dentistry can help you fix that too. You can opt for either veneers or bonding to reduce the size of the gaps between your teeth and achieve an even smile. 

  • Missing Teeth 

A missing tooth affects not only the appearance of your smile but your oral health too. Cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help fix missing teeth include veneers, implants, dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. 

Do You Want to Enhance Your Smile? 

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