What Should I Do If I Crack My Tooth?

Cracked teeth are a common dental emergency, and can be caused by a number of different issues including tooth grinding, a slip and fall, or even eating hard food. But just because cracked teeth are common doesn’t mean that the issue isn’t serious. A cracked tooth can be painful and uncomfortable, and if you don’t get treatment right away, the problem can progress into a full blown infection. Here’s what to do if you crack your tooth:  

1. Schedule An Emergency Appointment At Our Office!

The sooner you get treatment for a cracked tooth, the better the outcome will be for your dental health. You should get treatment for a cracked tooth within a few hours of your accident. At Buckwalter Dental Care, we offer emergency same-day appointments, so just give us a call to let us know that you’re coming in. We’ll do our best to see you ASAP.

2. Treat Bleeding (If Applicable)

If you’ve suffered oral trauma like a slip and fall or a hard hit in a contact sport, your mouth may also be bleeding. Absorb blood with clean gauze or cotton balls by applying pressure to the site of the injury. Any bleeding should slow down or stop within an hour or two.

3. Take Something For The Pain

If your cracked tooth is causing you pain and discomfort, you can take an over-the-counter medicine like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or naproxen (Aleve). This will help with pain and inflammation. You shouldn’t use aspirin, though, because it can interfere with proper clotting if your mouth is bleeding.

4. Use An Ice Pack For Swelling And Pain

If you have an ice pack, you can apply it externally to your cheek near the site of your cracked tooth. The cold will help numb the area and mitigate pain and swelling.

5. Come To Buckwalter Dental Care For Treatment

Once you’ve taken steps to eliminate your bleeding, pain and discomfort, come into our office as soon as possible for treatment. Minor chips and cracks may be treated with dental bonding or a filling. If you have a deep crack in your tooth, you may need a dental crown. If the tooth has become infected, a root canal may also be necessary to protect your tooth. During your treatment, we’ll numb the area and provide you with sedation so that you feel comfortable, and do our best to resolve your condition as quickly as we can, so that you can get back to your normal day-to-day life.

Don’t Wait – Cracked Teeth Are A Serious Problem!

Even if you think that your tooth has only a minor crack, further damage could occur and the underlying structure of your tooth can still become infected if you neglect to get treatment as soon as possible. Contact the team at Buckwalter Dental Care at (843) 815-3232, or come to our office at 31 Innovation Dr, #2, Bluffton, SC 29910 as soon as you can.

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